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Estonia’s Friends International Meeting

Together with the President of Estonia Toomas-Hendrik Ilves and the Enterprise Estonia, Mr. Reinsalu organizes Estonia's Friends International Meeting from 2010. The gathering is a joint initiative to thank and recognize business, political and cultural figures whose actions and advice have helped Estonia to become a truly European country with a dynamic economy and thriving culture.

The Ronda Mountain Think Tank

Margus Reinsalu is a mentor of The Ronda Mountain Think Tank, which is a platform for business, education, networking, development and execution of ideas, set in one of Spain's most beautiful and natural landscapes, guaranteeing privacy and the highest standards in an environment made forinspiration and creation.

Introducing Estonia to the World
As a socially responsible Estonian businessman Mr. Reinsalu helps to introduce Estonian cultural heritage to the World. In 2009 Mr. Reinsalu hired an innovative Estonian PR agency in order to introduce Estonian Song and Dance Celebration to the rest of the world. The Estonian Song Festival is one of the largest amateur choral events in the world, a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It is held every five years in July in the capital city Tallinn.
The joint choir has usually comprised 18,000 singers while in 2009, there were more than 26,000 participants performing to an audience of 80,000. Thanks to Mr. Reinsalu’s contribution many social networking sites were created and provided up-to-date information about the festival and Estonian cultural heritage.

Estonian Autosport Union

In 2009-2011 Margus Reinsalu was the president of the Estonian Autosport Union

In 2009-2011 Margus Reinsalu was a partner in Good Deed Foundation, which is the only venture philanthropy organisation in the Baltics. The Foundation is concentrating on supporting high-impact social initiatives (both social enterprises and non-profits). The achievements include both achieving systemic change (state-level adoption support system for children without parental care) and starting off succesful social enterprises (in the fields of: employment for people with disabilities; HIV-prevention; re-use). For more information: Good Deed Foundation